What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive Care for Your Family’s Smiles

Our oral health is closely connected with our overall well-being, and how we feel about our smiles affects much of our personal and professional life. It’s essential to have a healthy, becoming smile and we’d love to help you achieve yours!

The doctors at VA Smiles provide leading-edge dental and orthodontic care that’s tailored to your unique situation. We see and care for you as a person, not an anonymous number on a chart or teeth in a treatment chair. You’ll always feel welcome, well-informed, and supported as we help you achieve your best smile.

Making Dental Care Accessible

Since we’re a comprehensive oral healthcare practice, we’re able to meet all your needs: exams and checkups, orthodontic and cosmetic care, restoration, oral surgery, and prosthodontics are offered by our practitioners.

Our general dentists, Drs. Ahmadiyar, Perez, Yousefi, and Niroumand, will help you keep your smile healthy and bright. Periodontist Dr. Motamedi, and orthodontist Dr. Neishaboory provide specialized care, to ensure you’re able to smile comfortably and with confidence.

Together, we deliver personalized, advanced treatment, helping you to achieve the beautifully healthy smile you deserve!

The VA Smiles Practice Philosophy

The guidelines for our practice:

  • To guide our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness for life, with an emphasis on dental health
  • To non-judgmentally deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding
  • To deliver this care with first-class, five-star service
  • To treat each patient as an individual
  • To welcome and encourage our patients as partners in their wellness
  • To assume a leadership role as a resource: a body of information with concern for our patients’ overall well-being
  • To deliver exceptional care consistently and exceed patients’ expectations

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to contact one of our four convenient Virginia locations, in Fredericksburg, North Fredericksburg, or Stafford, to schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one.

Everyone at VA Smiles looks forward to welcoming you to our dental and orthodontic family. We’d love to be your partners as you achieve the beautifully healthy smile of your dreams. Please call today!

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